Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Killing me softly

With calories and gooey goodness that is!
Yes, I'm back after I have no idea how long. And I decided to make a grand entrance in the tradition of the heroine or debutante that comes in late but dressed to to kill and sashays down the long winding staircase.
What better way to do so than by trying out a 'Death By Chocolate' cake.

A fan of Bangalore's famous Cornerhouse ice-cream shop's DBC dessert, it is one of the things that I miss here in Manila. And so I decided to put out the craving by making my own version of it.

And this is how it all turned out-

To whip up your own head here for a simple and very doable recipe.
In the tin you can see the pre-frosted version, which in itself is quite yummy, but not as moist as your average chocolate cake, which is probably because there is absolutely no milk used in the recipe and only 4 tablespoons of flour!
I also used unsweetened baking chocolate and added 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar as I melted it with butter.
For the frosting - I used my own chocolate frosting recipe that is so much simpler. I'll be putting it up here soon, but I'm going to try this one out too.
And for the mega sweet- tooth people out there like me and my hubby, remember to pair your cake up with either vanilla or chocolate ice-cream :)

 Will be back with more soon!
Oh and I wasn't around as I was busy with my first book 'Coming Up On The Show...The travails of a news trainee' that released in May this year. It's already hit the Landmark best-sellers list and has left me feeling giddily happy :) For more updates on the book do head here
And keep watching this space, I plan to get back into my blogging about yummies groove and it's always great to know that like me there are others out there whose stomachs growl for more.
Till next time here's to contented sighs and disguised happy burps! :)  


  1. Nice yummy post on chocolate cake

  2. Thank you! You should try it :) It's a very do-able recipe!

  3. Good you are back! I was losing my patience lol!

  4. if I ever gather enough confidence to step up in the kitchen, I'll experiment this!

    Your new follower :)

  5. @Ranjister - Haha! Good to know that I have at least one impatient follower ;)
    Will be updating more frequently (FIngers Crossed) Thinking of doing a series of baking posts. What do you think? Or would you rather see Indian food simplified? Let me know!

  6. @Defiant Princess - Hey, thank you for promoting the post and following the blog :)
    And as far as gathering confidence in the kitchen is concerned, I was a reluctant cook if there ever was one. But being away from India, I was forced to step into the kitchen to create my own Indian dishes, once the charm of home delivery and international cuisine wore off.
    Found out that cooking was the closest to alchemy that I would ever get. Picture it -Random ingredients mixed together to form that perfect potion :)
    Anyway hope to see you here often!

  7. Bake is cool.... But I am in a mood for some desserts in the line of Puddings, custards etc

  8. You have any experience in mughalai?? I tried couple of mutton recipes and they came out real yum!

  9. @Ranjister - Hmm, not tried my hand at puddings and custards yet. But let me try and dredge up some recipes. And Mughlai's always been a tad too rich for me. Thinking of putting up the staple Neychoru and Kozhi next :)
    Will be back with the post soon :)