Monday, October 11, 2010

Confessions of an unwilling vegetarian

Well, not exactly entirely unwilling but I’m not all that gung-ho about the idea either. But then again, as the Indian in me is more than ready to bow down to an idea of religious fast, my husband and I are embarking on our green journey starting today.
To put things in context, I am a carnivore, a hard core one. I like to have bacon and sausages for breakfast, chicken fry and Dal for lunch and chicken Biryani for dinner. I enjoy meat in the very many forms, chefs have offered them to us, the human race and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Now this is an ideology that I’ve struggled to stick on to when I turned environmentalist and worked for Greenpeace India. And while my planet is priority number one for me, somehow I could never bring myself to go green in the food sense.
But this time with the change in diet being limited to a few weeks, I am hoping to see it through to the end. The catch however is that I know very few vegetarian recipes. To be clear, my collection of non-vegetarian recipes outweighs the vegetarian ones, about fifteen to one. Yes, sad but true. But then the happy news is that it’s not that bad to go vegetarian if you hail from the sub-continent. After all we do have an overwhelmingly large collection of the best vegetarian dishes. All I need to do is to wade through the excellent recipes that have been kindly placed at my disposal by the Indian food bloggers of yore.
And so today my quest begins to find those simple, vegetarian recipes that will strike a chord with my taste buds. Keep checking back as I don’t belive in hogging and will most certainly be sharing the best recipes with you, with my comments on how they turned out when I tried them.
And so you never know, by the end of my fast, I might just get so hooked that I might have them veggies asking me to go find a chicken for a change! ;)
Till next time then, here’s to wishing that you all sleep with a tummy full of yummies tonight!

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  1. Good to see you reopened the food blog, but you are not a "HARDCORE" carnivore.
    You won't eat the beating heart of a snake as they serve in Vietnam.
    You won't eat fried fish,still alive as you get in china.
    You won't eat Bull's testicles steamed as you get in Africa.
    You may not eat worms and bugs as they feed you in Fear factor...
    And you probably may not eat dog meat as they give you as a delicacy in Nagaland
    No, you are nowhere near a Hardcore carnivore:)

  2. That's quite the point Ranjit! Though I meant 'hardcore' as in for all meals of the day.
    Plus i've had my share of not-so-normal stuff like Pig's ears, feet and intestines. And while I agree that I might not try some of the very exotic cuisines you've mentioned here, the fear factor stuff is not valid. :) They're not offering that as food, but as a challenge to get over your squeamishness! :)
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!